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APlus, which has been founded on the principle “The hospital is essentially a hotel where healthcare services are provided”. collects catering, hygiene, shipment and similar needs of healthcare organizations under a single roof.

Service Which Creates a Difference in Catering

APlus is known as one of the first implementers of the “cook&chill” mass meal production industry. The “cook&chill” method of cooking which offers a level of safety that is high above today’s mass production conventions is based on the products being rapidly cooled (in 90-120 minutes) down to 0-4°C and stored at this temperature using the European Gastronomy technique, and subsequently being heated for the first and last time at the service point.

Compared to conventional production practices, the “cook&chill” method provides advantages such as reduced energy and equipment costs, economy of area of use, ease in quality control and high food safety.

Cleaning and Hygiene

APlus, which owns one of the largest launderettes in Turkey, offers hygienic laundering, standard laundering and dry cleaning services with a daily capacity of 15,000 kgs. At the facility, which is Turkey’s only hygienic laundry factory, 600 kgs of laundry are ironed, folded and stacked per hour with the “Flatwork ironer” which can iron and fold.

APlus Cleaning Services implements hygienic cleaning programs up to global standards and within the framework of international certification institutions’ standards for preserving the physical aspect of the buildings it serves and to create clean and hygienic environments therein.

Working with the “Healthguard” system which is implemented in the healthcare industry in EU countries, APlus offers comprehensive cleaning and disinfection. The system is developed for hospitals and healthcare organizations and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.


APlus standards

ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) for the standardization and maintenance of production and operation processes
ISO 22000 (Food Safety Quality Management System) for ensuring food safety in all processes from production to final consumption in Food & Beverage services
OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) for ensuring safety of the work environment and for minimizing the difficulties imposed on the worker by the nature of the work
RAL – GZ 992 (Professional Fabric Care Quality and Test Specifications) for the control of necessary steps in ensuring hygiene in textiles and of the related possible risks